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Content 3
Having strong opinions is just a part of the human condition. And we do seem to love to argue about many things – food, clothing styles, music, religion, politics, finances, education, and so on.
College Essay Topics

June 16, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 4
You cannot escape them. Every college course in which you enroll will entail essay or paper writing, and you will be expected not only to become a bit of an expert on the topic assigned or chosen, but you will also be expected to present your thesis.
Content 5
We all understand the concept of cause and effect. If, for example, a student fails to study for a final exam, the effect may be a failing grade; if we ignore the causes of poverty in America, then we will continue to have poverty in this country.
Content 6
In elementary science classes, children learn about the concept of classification. Usually, they are given a bag of buttons and then asked to classify them, or put them into groups, according to a single organizing criteria – shape or color or perhaps the number of thread holes in them.
Content 7
When students are assigned controversial essay topics, they must also be certain that they understand the purpose of the essay assignments. Many instructors will assign a controversial topic and expect students to present the issue and to provide the views of all sides in the controversy.
Definition Essay Topics

May 21, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 8
If you’ve ever used a dictionary (and who hasn’t), you know that definitions, even of abstract concepts, are quite succinct and short. How, then, does one write an entire essay that provides a definition for something?
Descriptive essay topics

May 14, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 9
A descriptive essay can actually be a relatively easy, even fun paper to write. When you write a descriptive essay, you are using the written word to describe a person, place, event, experience, or an object.
Expository Essay Topics

May 06, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 10
The concept of an expository essay is not very difficult. It is simply a fact based description or explanation of a subject. What can be a challenge is properly executing an expository essay.
Persuasive Essay Topics

April 29, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 11
Have you been assigned the task of writing a persuasive essay? Before getting into persuasive essay topics, it is probably a good idea to identify what a persuasive essay is.
Narrative Essay Topics

April 22, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 12
There are two ways to approach a narrative essay. Ask yourself this question: Am I going to tell my own story, or am I going to help somebody else tell his/her story?
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