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College Research Paper Topics

September 10, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

Content college research paper topics

College Research Paper Topics

Research papers you wrote in high school were just a prelude to what you can expect at the college level. Topics were much simpler; resources were easy to find and not too difficult to understand; you were expected to dig up information and report it. Topics could be broad because you were not expected to cover them more than superficially.

Enter college. Topics are complex; resources are not so easy to find, and the will be difficult to understand; you are expected to “dig up” data from primary sources, to analyze it, to evaluate it, and to comment on it. Topics will be narrow and focused and you are expected to cover them in depth.

Choosing College Research Paper Topics

Professors are not usually willing to help you choose a research paper topic. Part of being in college is making wise selections, given the parameters of the guidelines. So, you are on your own with only a large content field from which to choose. So, where can you go for research paper topics college level? Here are the best sources:

  1. Check out your textbook. Are there any areas that really sparked an interest for you? Anything you want to know more about?
  2. What are key areas that your professor has focused on during lectures? Your notes may bring something to mind.
  3. Conduct an Internet search for research paper topics for the title of your course. Be certain that you specify college level, however.
  4. Do a little bit of initial research on a larger topic area that interests you.

Research Paper Topic Suggestions

When you do select a topic, make sure it is one in which you have a strong interest. The research and writing will be far more tolerable if you do. Here are some interesting research paper topics for college level students:

  • Business: Globalization; New Theories in Leadership Styles; Contemporary Work Places
  • Education: Alter Educational Platforms; MOOCS; Focus for Change in College Programs of Study
  • Psychology: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Marriage of Psychology and Neuroscience; Psychology of Terrorism
  • Political Science: Money in Politics; National Voter Registration; Crisis in the Republican Party
  • Law: Money and Legal Representation; Privatization of Prisons; Sentencing Discrepancies
  • Biology/Medicine: Nanotechnology, Biogenetic engineering; Gene Mapping Breakthroughs
  • Environmental Science: Green Cities; Hydroelectric Power; Current De-salinization Science

As you can see, research paper topics for college students deal with topics that lend themselves to personal responses and opinions. This is because you will be expected to develop a strong thesis statement regarding your topic, and to support that thesis statement with sound primary research. Find the experts, read their writings, and look for talks or speeches they have given. Locate original research that has been conducted, study it, report on it, and analyze it.

A Note on Expectations for Writing

You may have gotten away with less than stellar grammar and composition in high school, but you will not in college. Every course in which you are enrolled will be an English course as well, when you are given written assignments to complete. If you have concerns for your writing, it may be time to think about finding an essay writing service to help.

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