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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

June 09, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics – Keep it Simple

We all understand the concept of cause and effect. If, for example, a student fails to study for a final exam, the effect may be a failing grade; if we ignore the causes of poverty in America, then we will continue to have poverty in this country. Cause and effect relationships are all around us! The cause-effect essay assignment that a student must produce can be as simple or complicated as s/he chooses to make it. The biggest problem students face in constructing such essays lies in their failure to simplify the cause and effect essay topics to manageable parameters. The most common challenges in such essays are as follows:

  1. One cause may have several effects
  2. One effect may have several causes
  3. An effect may in turn become the cause of one or more additional effects – where does it all end?

The secret to success in selecting a cause and effect essay topic is to narrow one’s focus to single effects with a few causes, or single causes with a few effects. To attempt to cover multiple causes and effects in a single essay is to complicate both the amount of research that must be completed as well as the organizational structure of the essay itself. Causes of air pollution, for example, are clearly multiple. However, if one can restrict the essay to a single cause – CO2 emissions from gas-powered vehicles, for example – then the cause and effect essay is much easier to develop.

Common Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

  1. The Effect of the automobile on American culture
  2. The causes for generational poverty in America
  3. The Effects of an Aging society on our economy
  4. The relationship between optimism and greater immunity
  5. The Impact of stress on sleep
  6. Future effect of pervasive student loan debt on our economy
  7. Causes of bullying
  8. Effects of e-commerce on business practices
  9. The effect weather has on mood
  10. Sociological effects of abortion legislation
  11. Causes of the national obesity epidemic
  12. Causes of math phobia
  13. Causes of any war (Civil War, World Wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan)
  14. Effects of Decreased Funding of States for Education
  15. Causes of “Voter Suppression” Laws
  16. Effects of gerrymandering
  17. Effects of music instruction on academic achievement
  18. Causes of Increased diagnoses of autism
  19. Long-term effects of deficient diets
  20. Diet as a prevention of cancer
  21. Technology as a cause of employment insecurity

Topics for cause and effect essays cross all curricular areas, so students can expect to face these types of essays in almost any course. Popular cause and effect essay topics 2015, for example, may include those that relate to the following:

  1. The effect of nanotechnology on quality of life for the physically-disabled
  2. Causes for the decline in labor union membership and power
  3. Effect of imprisonment of young people for non-violent drug charges
  4. Effects of not having comprehensive immigration reform
  5. Effects of pollution on ocean ecosystems
  6. Effects of water shortages on population shifts/conflicts
  7. Effect of robotics on future employment
  8. Causes of the decline of the traditional family unit
  9. Causes of the polarization of political ideology
  10. Effects of increasing income inequality on social unrest

Students may struggle with both the refinement of topics and with the structure of cause-effect essays, when those topics are not clearly simplified and restricted. And, as with any essay, coherent, logical and grammatically correct writing may be a challenge for many. Getting expert help from an essay writing service such as can ensure that the assignment will result in a good grade.

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