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Expository Essay Topics

May 06, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Tips for Selecting Interesting Expository Essay Topics and Other Related Hints

The concept of an expository essay is not very difficult. It is simply a fact based description or explanation of a subject. What can be a challenge is properly executing an expository essay. For one thing, writing an essay that involves only facts, and no opinion or emotion, can be difficult for many students. In addition to this, you must make a list of expository essay topics, narrow that list, and select your topic. Then comes the task of actually writing the essay. All of these steps are quite complicated. Perhaps it is best to start with a few expository essay ideas.

Remember that your essay must be fact based and free of emotional arguments. In order to do this, keep telling yourself that you are explaining what, where, when, and how. You are not investing your time in exploring why. If you are given free choice, please consider a topic that you enjoy and find interesting, but one about which you can also stay objective. Here is a list of expository essay topics 2015 for your consideration:

  • Describe the main goals of the Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • List the steps one must take to complete the FAFSA.
  • Explain how to eat on a budget of less than thirty dollars per week.
  • Describe the average daily life of a soldier stationed in the Middle East.
  • Explain to your reader the steps that must be taken in order to apply for student housing.
  • Think of a recent assignment, and describe the personal history of one of the main characters.
  • Visit the campus art museum and describe an exhibit without using emotion or inserting your own opinion.
  • Review the schools code of conduct and write an essay that summarizes the regulations within.

If these ideas are not relevant to what you want or need to write about, here are a few tips for researching and finding your own topics.

  • Don't write about emotionally charged topics.
  • Look to academic journals and your university's research database for sources.
  • Concentrate your internet searching on websites that end in .gov or .edu. These websites are most likely to contain research and data that has been verified and reviewed.
  • Focus your essay on subjects that are directly related to what you have been studying. Don't attempt an expository essay on prime time television in a literature class, simply because you find television to be an interesting topic.

Okay, now that you have worked out your topic and your best options for sources, the hard part is over right? Wrong! You have just begun. Now you must research, and, after all, this is college. It isn't enough that you find a source at the library and use it. You have to dig deeper; you have to find original source material to prove your objectivity. This can take hours of intense effort. Now, add that to the stress of pleasing your instructor and keeping up with the rest of your obligations! If you are feeling overwhelmed, nobody can blame you.

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