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College Essay Topics

June 17, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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College Essay Topics – The Possibilities are Infinite!

You cannot escape them. Every college course in which you enroll will entail essay or paper writing, and you will be expected not only to become a bit of an expert on the topic assigned or chosen, but you will also be expected to present your thesis, your ideas, and your supportive information in a scholarly manner – solid organizational structure, excellent grammar and mechanics, and with a flair that makes what you write interesting to the reader. So, what can you expect in the way of college essay topics? Almost anything is the answer!

Topics will be Based Upon the Course Content

There are both general education requirements and course requirements in your major field of study. In all of these, you can expect to receive essay writing assignments, and they will be based upon specific purposes – to inform, to define, to persuade, to tell a story, to compare/contrast, to classify, to explain, to respond, or to describe. So, when you receive an essay assignment, you must first understand the purpose and then develop a thesis statement that will inform the reader of your point, your opinion, or your purpose for writing the piece. Below, you will find rather typical essay assignments based upon content focus, and these may provide you with solid college essay ideas that will be of interest to you. Remember, the best essays are created from topics in which you have an interest.

English Comp Classes: The purpose of such courses is to make you a better writer in all genres. You can therefore expect to be assigned essays of all types – descriptive, expository, analysis, classification, definition, narrative, compare/contrast, persuasive, etc. In most instances, you will study the methods by which such essays are developed, and you will be given a great deal of latitude regarding the actual subject matter. Typical topics may include:

  1. Describe an event in your life that significantly impacted your values and/or beliefs
  2. Explain the process by which lobbyists exert influence on our lawmakers
  3. Analyze the arguments of climate change deniers
  4. Classify specific national figures as conservative, moderate or progressive
  5. Define Integrity as it applies to current business practices
  6. Describe the most frightening experience you have ever had
  7. Compare/Contrast the values of urban and rural America
  8. Take a stand on abortion and defend it

History/Political Science/Economics Courses: Here, the field is wide open, but favorite essay types are expository, compare/contrast, and argumentative.

  1. Discuss the causes of the Civil War, and defend your opinion of the most important cause
  2. Explain how Roosevelt’s New Deal impacted public policy initiatives in the modern political arena
  3. Compare/Contrast the arguments of conservatives and progressives on the concept of “Trickle-Down Economics.”
  4. Take a position on campaign financing. Should we allow unlimited contributions, or should there be federal and state funding of political campaigns.

The Humanities: In sociology, psychology, religion, education, and philosophy courses, essays will relate to your responses to the concepts and ideas of leaders in these fields. Be prepared to explain these ideas and concepts and to apply them to current situations and issues:

  1. How does the work of Benjamin Bloom apply to classroom instruction today?
  2. Does Freudian psychology have a place in modern psychotherapy?
  3. How do the theories of Kant relate to current philosophical approaches to motivational theory?
  4. What role do contemporary “mega churches” play in human activity?
  5. What is “generational poverty?” How can it be interrupted?

The Sciences: Perhaps one field that can impact college essay topics 2015 is in the science and technology fields, for this is where new discoveries can impact the future of mankind the most. Students should consider essay topics in the following areas:

  1. How have biological and chemical weaponry altered our approaches to fighting terrorism?
  2. What ethical issues are raised from the science of eugenics?
  3. What are the positive and negative consequences of GMO foods?
  4. How can we counter the destruction of marine life?
  5. How will man ensure a global water supply?
  6. How do advances in technology threaten individual privacy and freedom?
  7. As science contributes to life longevity, what social and economic issues arise?

College essay topics and ideas are really open-ended. Whether a professor assigns a specific topic, or a student has his/her own options, essay assignments are here to stay. If you are struggling with a topic, if you are struggling with organizing your essay, if you are struggling with composition skills, you are well-advised to get some expert help. Finding a reputable essay writing service may be your permanent solution!



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