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Argumentative Essay Topics

June 21, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Looking for Argumentative Essay Topics?

Having strong opinions is just a part of the human condition. And we do seem to love to argue about many things – food, clothing styles, music, religion, politics, finances, education, and so on. Having an opinion is basic right everyone shares, but when you are required to write an argumentative essay as an assignment, just having an opinion will not “fly.” The purpose of assigning argumentative essays, in fact, is so that students learn how to form opinions based upon facts, and to press their arguments in a logical and sensical manner, so that they actually have merit.

Some opinions will never be the basis for an argumentative essay, because they will always remain just opinions with no factual data to support them. One might, for example, be of the opinion that cauliflower is absolutely the worst vegetable there is. Proving that based upon factual information, however, would be impossible. Argumentative essay topics must meet two criteria:

  1. The topics must be ones in which people have differing opinions
  2. There must be some factual data/observations available that allows one to support his/her opinion

With that in mind, here are some solid argumentative essay topics for college.

Religion/Humanities/Liberal Arts/Social Sciences

  1. The “religious right” is trying to force its morality on others
  2. The existence of God can(not) be empirically proved
  3. Women should be allowed into the priesthood in the Catholic Church
  4. People do not need to be a part of any organized faith in order to be religious
  5. We are over-diagnosing and over-medicating our children for emotional illnesses
  6. Children in poverty tend to have more mental illness
  7. Technology is creating a generation of young adults who cannot engage in normal conversation
  8. Children from non-traditional family units are just as well-adjusted as those from traditional families
  9. If the Middle East grew broccoli, we would not have any military presence there
  10. The Kennedy assassinations were conspiracies

The Science/Technology

  1. Climate change is responsible for our weather extremes
  2. Artificially created life has not rights
  3. Technological advances in weaponry have de-humanized war
  4. Biogenetics is moving more rapidly than our ability to manage it
  5. Water shortages will become severe with the next 20 years
  6. New advances in technology are bringing us closer to the 1984 predictions of George Orwell

New argumentative essay topics crop up every few years as political, social, economic and scientific issues present themselves. In order to be prepared for such essay assignments, students should keep themselves abreast of the latest controversies. Reading web-based articles and editorials or viewing news shows can help to refine positions and understand the arguments of all sides. The most likely Argumentative essay topics 2015 will probably revolve around the following issues:

  1. Campaign Finance Reform – Do We Need It?
  2. Should Some Types of Hate Speech be Made Illegal?
  3. Racism is (is not) still an issue.
  4. Marijuana Should be Legalized Nationwide
  5. Biogenetics will Result in More Power for the Rich
  6. Non-Violent Drug Offenders Should be Released from Prison and Their Voting Rights Restored
  7. Parents Have Full Rights to Refuse Vaccinations for their Children
  8. Student Loan Debt Should Carry No Interest
  9. Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are a Threat to Individual Freedoms
  10. We Need to Find a Workable Method of Legalizing Illegal Immigrants

If college students will begin to explore these issues and develop reasoned opinions, they will find that argumentative essay assignments will be far easier. Of course, translating those arguments into scholarly writing is quite another matter. Any student struggling with academic writing skills should seek the help of a professional writing service. Lack of writing proficiency is certainly not a comment on anyone’s intelligence.


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