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Help Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

I have never used a writing service before. What can I expect from you?

You can expect original and custom writing from a personally-assigned writer who has the academic and professional background to produce the specific product you order. You can expect responsive and friendly customer service from a staff that is available 24 hours a day. You can expect to get a piece of writing that follows all of your instructions and exceeds your expectations.

I have used writing services in the past with bad results. How are you any different?

We are very different, and here’s why.

  • We use only highly qualified and professional writers
  • All written content we provide is complete original and we ensure that by scanning every piece for plagiarism once it is finished
  • Every writing order is matched with a writer who has both academic and writing backgrounds to meet the specifications of the order
  • We allow communication between clients and their writers
  • We provide customer service 24 hours a day, with multiple methods of communication

How do you find your writers?

We recruit writers from all walks of life. All of them have degrees in specialty academic areas and only write for orders for which they are a match. Once a writer applicant submits his/her academic credentials, s/he must then produce original writing for us, to demonstrate research and writing skills. Based upon their degrees and degree levels, we then assign writing projects for which they have the qualifications.

What is the process by which orders are placed?

  • You place an order using our on-site order form or, if you prefer, contacting a customer support representative (available 24 hours a day)
  • You make payment for that order
  • We locate the perfect writer
  • You are set up with an account page on our site
  • Your writer begins the task, and you check on progress or communicate with your writer via your account page
  • Your written piece is completed and you are asked to review it for approval
  • If you want changes, you request them, and they are completed
  • You give final approval, download your document to your own device, and have the perfect piece of writing!

What if I am not satisfied with what my writer has done?

Your final product will be delivered to your account page for review. If, at that time, there are any changes you want made, you simply click the link for “revision request” and explain what you want changed, or you contact our customer support desk and let them know. Usually, revisions are done quite quickly, with very little “down time” for the client. We have a Revisions Policy on our site that you can review for more information.

Our Policies and Guarantees

How do you protect my credit card information?

Reputable online retailers use third-party payment processors that have secure SSL technology to protect financial information of customers. We do the same. When you make payment with us, it is just as if you were paying Amazon for something.

If I have to give you any personal information (name, phone number, etc.), do you keep it confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We do need your full name, email address, and a working phone number, in case we need to get in touch with you quickly. However, we encrypt that information and assign you an ID number. We have a Privacy Policy which explains all of this in detail, but be assured that we never sell or share customer information with anyone. No one has to ever know that you have used our service.

How do I know that what you produce for me will not be sold to another person?

In our Terms and Conditions agreement, you will see that, once we deliver a final piece of writing to you, we transfer ownership of it to you. We wipe it from our system, so that it can never be sold to another person. You have complete intellectual and copyright ownership.

Do you issue refunds if my order is not fulfilled?

There are several instances in which partial or full refunds are issued. For full information on this, please review our Refund Policy on our site. In general, refunds are issued if we do not meet your deadline due to our failure, if we cannot find the appropriate writer, or if there are duplicate orders or a customer must cancel an order. If the issue is quality, we have a claims department that will investigate your issues and make a determination about refund and refund amount.

Academic Writing Services

What types of writing do you produce?

Anything a student may need, we can create, and it will be original and custom-written according to the customer’s instructions. In general, we typically receive and fulfill orders of the following types:

  • Essays, term and research papers on any topic
  • Presentations, lab reports, book reviews
  • Case studies, research projects, and essay-type homework assignments
  • Problem sets in physics and math
  • Multiple-choice test taking
  • All graduate level research projects, proposals, abstracts, theses, and dissertations

Do you write for students at any academic level?

Yes, we do. Our writers have all levels of degrees, so that we can produce writing works for students in high school, college, and/or graduate and professional programs.

Professional and Business Writing Services

What kinds of writing do you do for e-Commerce Entrepreneurs?

We do every type of copywriting and have degreed professionals to produce it. Most common requests are for:

  • Web design and content
  • Blogs and blog posts
  • Web articles for directories
  • Social Media accounts and profiles
  • Press releases and articles
  • Content marketing
  • E-books and guides

I am looking for a career change. What do you do in the way of applicant materials?

We create cover letters, design compelling resumes and CV’s, and will customize a variety of these documents for specific employment searches

I am a business manager but have difficulty producing good writing. What types of business writing do you do?

We offer a wide variety of business writing, including:

  • Reports and presentations
  • Business proposals and plans
  • White papers
  • Promotional materials, brochures, etc.

I am the director of a large non-profit. Do you do grant writing?

Yes, we do. Just shoot us the details, and we will get right on it.

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