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Classification Essay Topics

June 03, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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The Classification Essay – Topics to Consider

In elementary science classes, children learn about the concept of classification. Usually, they are given a bag of buttons and then asked to classify them, or put them into groups, according to a single organizing criteria – shape or color or perhaps the number of thread holes in them. The idea is to prepare them for the many ways in which scientists classify things, like plants and animals. Adults use classification in their daily lives all the time. So, the items on a to-do list may be organized (classified) by when they should be done – immediate, within the next few days, and long-term; we might classify types of cars or trucks; popular television shows may be classified by comedy, drama, suspense, reality, etc.; types of music are classified by certain criteria as well – Baroque, classical, romantic, jazz, blues, etc.

Classification Essay Topics

Classification applies to academic areas other than science as well, and so it is also an essay type in which students are asked to classify something in much the same way as was done in elementary school. This time the subject matter may be related to a wide range of topics in many academic disciplines. The key to the classification/division essay is that the criteria for classification must be clearly stated in one’s introduction, and only that criteria is used as things are grouped. Blow are topics that lend themselves well to classification essays.

  1. Types of Governmental Systems
  2. Types of Drivers (this might make a great humorous essay for an English class)
  3. Sources of Energy
  4. Methods of Saving Money
  5. Types of Drugs
  6. Types of Teachers or Professors
  7. Types of Pollution
  8. Types of Literature
  9. Types of Wars
  10. Types of Genetic Disorders
  11. Types of Mental Illnesses
  12. Types of Mobile Devices (now you can include the Apple Watch)

Classification Essay Topics 2015

Many possible classification essay topics come from current phenomena or issues and often make for an essay that captures the interest of readers. Remember as you write on these topics, however, that your personal opinions and responses are not allowed. Classification essays are to be completely objective, the only point being to organize something into categories based upon a named criteria. Given that, here are some current topic suggestions.

  1. Types of Work Environments – perhaps by leadership type
  2. Types of online Education/Training Programs – public or private; high school or post-secondary
  3. Types of Social Networks – classify by purpose
  4. Types of Content Marketing – again, by purpose
  5. Types of Alternative Lifestyles – maybe by relationship statuses
  6. Types of Political Activists – classify by issues that drive them
  7. Types of Voter ID Laws – classify by types of ID requirements
  8. Types of Healthcare Systems – classify by private, public, and mixed
  9. Types of Felonies – They are already classified by alphabetical letters, but your essay could explain and give examples of each type

The other key element of a classification essay is that examples are given. If you were going to classify types of wars, perhaps you would classify by participants. If entire countries are participants, then, the two World Wars would be examples; if participants are citizens of the same country, then it is a civil war – such as the U.S. Civil War, Vietnam, Korea, or some more recent examples in Africa; a third type might be those in which one participant is a government and the other participant is a group within that country that is not a willing participant, such as the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Russian invasion of Georgia.

The classification essay, then, must be characterized by the following:

  1. It is the grouping of things by a pre-defined criteria
  2. It must be objective
  3. It must provide examples of each group

These types of essays can be tricky particularly when complex topics are involved. What criteria would one use, for example, to classify American politicians? When the topics do become complex, students may need some, and using an online essay writing service such as may be a smart move.


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