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Controversial Essay Topics

May 28, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Controversial Essay Topics

When students are assigned controversial essay topics, they must also be certain that they understand the purpose of the essay assignments. Many instructors will assign a controversial topic and expect students to present the issue and to provide the views of all sides in the controversy. Other instructors will expect the student to present the issue and, as well, to take a side and defend it. Then, it becomes a persuasive or argumentative essay about a controversial topic.

Controversial Essay Topics 2015

We live in a highly fractured political and social climate right now, and there is no limit to the controversies that assault us on a daily basis. In fact, these controversial issues have become so divisive, that they are surrounded by emotional and hateful rhetoric, neither of which really has a place in an argument. So, even though you may have very strong opinions about an issue, you need to be cautioned that your essay and your arguments need to be grounded in a rational and thoughtful way, with factual information to support your position. Anyone can rant and rave, and we certainly see that on a daily basis. But the individual who purports to have an opinion based upon logic and data, must set all of that aside. Be that person when you write your essay.

With that in mind, here are some of the most controversial topics from which you could choose for an essay:

  1. Abortion: This controversy stems from strong religious and social beliefs, and has resulted in any number of laws, at the state level, that seek to define when life begins, restrict women’s access to abortion, and to legislate the process a woman must go through when seeking an abortion. Many religious and social conservatives insist that life begins at conception and that even certain birth control measures must be outlawed. Moderates may want certain restrictions, while Progressives that a woman has control over her own body and her reproductive organs and therefore has the right to an abortion, without severe restrictions.
  2. Voter Rights: Again, an extremely hot topic. Many state legislatures have enacted voter ID laws which have, in effect, prevented citizens from voting – those citizens who do not have a birth certificate or who cannot afford the cost of obtaining the proper credentials to meet the identification requirements. Proponents of these laws insist they are meant to prevent voter fraud. Opponents claim that such laws are attempts to keep minorities, students, and seniors from voting.
  3. Immigration: What is to be done about the at least 11,000,000 undocumented aliens currently residing in this country. Do we round them all up and deport them? Do we find a method to bring them into the mainstream with work permits and a path to citizenship, so that they become tax payers? This issue is emotionally charged and filled with mis-information.
  4. Election Financing: Are corporations people? Do they have the right to contribute unlimited amounts even secretly, to political campaigns? Should there be limitations to campaign expenditures? Are the rich and powerful “buying” our elections?
  5. Income Inequality: History does show that when there is gross inequality of income and no middle class, a society becomes unstable and prone to violent revolution. Are we heading in this direction? What can be done, if we should do anything, to restore a growing middle class and to pull people out of poverty?
  6. Taxation: our tax code is complex and antiquated. It allows many huge corporations, like Bank of America and General Electric, to pay no taxes at all. Further, it gives huge rebates to these same corporations. How should tax law be altered, if at all? Many say the corporate tax rate is too high and results in outsourcing; others say that corporate tax deductions are outdated and should be removed, so that wealth corporations and individuals pay their fair share.
  7. Designer Babies:  The issue of genetically modifying or pre-determining the traits of an unborn child is a big one, now that biogenetic engineering promises to be able to do just that. Will it mean that the wealthy can now afford to parent and elite group of children who will have even more advantages?
  8. Climate Change: A real phenomenon, a hoax, or a God-determined outcome that we cannot change? While 95%+ of world scientists state that it is real and manmade, there is a large contingent who believe that this is a contrived phenomenon, in order to force us into abandoning fossil fuels. Which side do you think the oil companies are on?

These are just a few of the controversial persuasive essay topics that a student may face, and there are many more to be sure. If you are unsure about developing a thesis and a thoughtful presentation, turn your topic over to a pro at, provide your topic and your “stand,” and get the perfect essay!


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