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Persuasive Essay Topics

April 29, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics and Other Helpful Information

Have you been assigned the task of writing a persuasive essay? Before getting into persuasive essay topics, it is probably a good idea to identify what a persuasive essay is. In a persuasive essay, you, as the writer, must choose a stance on a particular issue. Then, in your essay, you need to persuade your audience why your stance is correct. This is similar to an argumentative essay in that you must defend your position, but different in that you do not have to refute an opposing view point. If it helps, you can think of the persuasive essay as a lighter version of the argumentative essay. As with any other essay, your first step is to select a topic. If you have leeway in selecting your topic, it is usually a good idea to pick a topic that is topical and relevant to you and other college students. To get you started, here are some good persuasive essay topics that will hopefully get you started.

  • Net Neutrality is needed to guarantee fair access to the internet.
  • Raising the minimum wage will (will not) hurt businesses.
  • Restrictions on gun ownership do not violate the second amendment.
  • Dress codes are sexist and unfairly target girls.
  • High school should start later in the day.
  • Standardized testing is not a fair measure of a students’ knowledge.
  • Low carb diets are dangerous and unhealthy.
  • It is foolish to obtain student loans to cover living expenses.
  • Voting should be mandatory.
  • Fraternities and sororities promote dangerous behavior and should be banned.
  • Alcohol should never be allowed at campus events.
  • Physical education should not be a college graduation requirement.
  • Students should be discouraged from owning cars during their freshman year.
  • The MLA format is the easiest to work with and to understand.
  • The ability to speak English should be a requirement for citizenship.
  • Tuition costs should be regulated by the government.
  • Students from foreign countries should not be given admission to universities ahead of citizens.
  • Cars that produce too much emissions should not be allowed on the street.

Hopefully these topics for persuasive essays will give you a few good ideas. Now, you just have to continue on with the writing process. As you know, this means doing some or all of the following:

  • Doing research and taking notes. You cannot persuade anyone without factual information/date to support your opinion.
  • Freewriting and brainstorming
  • Making an outline, and then editing that outline.
  • Creating your rough draft.
  • Revising the rough draft.
  • Writing and editing the final draft.
  • Citing sources and writing the works cited page or bibliography.
  • Creating the cover page.
  • Ensuring that the essay is written in the correct format.

Even if the persuasive essay topics 2015 have helped you choose what to write, going through all of the steps written above is going to take hours of your time. Then, who knows if it's going to be something your instructor likes? Why not save all of that time and effort and look into the services of You can hire their writers who will work hard to create a custom persuasive essay that is totally original and professionally written.


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