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Informative Essay Topics

April 17, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 13
An informative essay is an essay in which you, the writer, provide information on a specific topic. Informative essay topics can cover a wide range of subjects.
Personal Essay Topics

April 10, 2015- Posted to Essay Topics

Content 14
If you enjoy creative, personal expression, the personal essay is one type of essay that you might enjoy writing. The possibilities when it comes to this kind of an essay are nearly limitless.
Content 27
The compare and contrast essay is will be a common assignment in most courses, just as it was in high school. The topics may become more complex but the process of producing such an essay will remain the same.
College Application Essay

November 17, 2014- Posted to Essay Writing Tips

Content 26
You meet the academic requirements for the college of your choice; you have participated in a number of activities and organizations; you have been involved in service learning projects.
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