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Informative Essay Topics

April 17, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Useful and Informative Essay Topics for College Students

An informative essay is an essay in which you, the writer, provide information on a specific topic. Informative essay topics can cover a wide range of subjects. However, most informative essays fall under one of two categories. The first is describing a person, place, object, or event. The second is explaining the steps in a process or explaining how to accomplish a task. The informative essay is different from many other types of essays, in that the writer doesn't need to express an opinion or persuade the reader to have any specific opinion. For many student writers, the largest challenge is in coming up with relevant informative essay topic ideas that they can use. Fortunately, there are many topic ideas students may find relevant and interesting. Here are a few helpful writing prompts:

Real Life Informative Essay Topics 2015

For many students, the college years are their first years of living independently. This means that they will be attempting many life tasks for the first time. In other cases, they may be struggling to live life as a college student with all of the issues relating to lack of spare time, study requirements, and living on a tight budget. Here are some topic ideas that may be of interest to you or other students:

  • Write an essay detailing the items that should be in every dorm kitchen.
  • Explain the steps of balancing a bank statement.
  • Write a paper describing a quick and inexpensive meal recipe college students can prepare in their dorm rooms.
  • In your essay, describe the basics of keeping a car in good repair. Include checking fluids regularly, keeping tires inflated, and getting regular oil changes.
  • Explain the proper way to sort laundry and which cycles are appropriate for different types of clothing.
  • Provide tips for living on a really tight budget
  • Write a paper discussing the value of shopping for clothes and accessories at consignment and/or thrift shops.
  • Explain the steps of creating and following a monthly budget.

Enjoyable and Interesting Informative Essay Topics for College Students

Most college students enjoy similar interests and social activities. An informative essay about one of these subjects is sure to go over well.

  • Write a plot summary of a popular Netflix show.
  • Describe the three best places near campus to hang out on a Friday night.
  • Describe the features of a popular video game console.

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