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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

February 04, 2015 - Posted to Essay Topics

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Compare/Contrast Essay – It’s All About Organization

The compare and contrast essay is will be a common assignment in most courses, just as it was in high school. The topics may become more complex but the process of producing such an essay will remain the same. The biggest difference between such essays at the high school and college levels will be that compare and contrast essay topics will become more complex. For example, a typical topic for a high school biology class might be to compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis. At the college level, however, a typical compare/contrast topic may be something like red tides and algae blooms – the topic is more complex and the research requirement is far more than just your biology textbook.

Whether you are comparing or contrasting or both, the organization of the criteria that you are using as a basis for comparison and/or contrast will be critical, if your essay is to flow logically and coherently. There are several organizational models, but before you can decide on one, you first must gather your information and data and put it into some type of graphic organizer. The most effective organizer for these types of essays is the Venn diagram. Once you have placed the similarities in the area where the two circles intersect and the differences in the two outer segments of the circles, you have your organizational platform for you essay writing.

The next decision is whether you are going to be comparing, contrasting or both. Sometimes, this decision is made by your instructor; other times you are given an option. The simplest structure is to focus only on the similarities (each paragraph will address a single similarity) or the differences (each paragraph will focus on a difference). If you must do both, then your structure will be more complex and your essay longer.

Typical Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

The following list of topics may spark a specific interest or may get your “creative juices” flowing to come with your own unique topic for such an essay.

  • Large and Small Colleges
  • Traditional and Online Education
  • Your Current Car and Your Dream Car
  • Infancy and Dementia
  • Evolution and “Intelligent Design”
  • Twitter and Facebook (or Pinterest and Facebook; or Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Urban and Rural Lifestyles
  • Conservatism and Progressivism
  • Tea Party and Libertarianism
  • Day Shoppers and Night Shoppers
  • Nerds and Jocks
  • To Kill a Mockingbird and The Color of Law
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Profit and Non-Profit
  • Reality TV and Sitcoms
  • Locke and Rousseau
  • Home Rental and Home Ownership
  • Pure Capitalism and Pure Socialism
  • Christianity and Islam
  • Autocratic and Collaborative Leadership Styles

If none of these topics sparks an interest, another method of getting compare and contrast essay ideas, you may be able to discover entire lists of ideas by conducting a simple Google search in the content area. You might also contact, specify your need for a compare and contrast essay in a particular content field, and let one of our pros come up with compare and contrast essay topics 2015 that will be really current and relevant for today That pro can create an amazing essay on any topic, and you will have a piece of writing that you are proud to submit.

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