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Problem Solution Essay

June 30, 2015 - Posted to Essay Writing Tips

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Finding the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

The first step in deciding on which problem solution essay topics are right for you is understanding the definition of a problem solution essay. This type of essay can be categorized under informative or expository essays. Your job as the writer is to identify a problem, explain to the reader why s/he should see the issue you have targeted as a problem, and then to identify and explain one or more solutions to that problem. When you write this type of an essay, you can focus on more general problems (e.g., How to get along with difficult people), or you can focus on more specific problems (e.g., What to do when your car won't start.) The best way to approach a problem solution essay is to find a topic that you can easily write about. This means finding a topic that you understand, or a topic that is very interesting to you. The best essays of this sort are written by students who either have some level of expertise or interest in the topic at hand.

The first step you may wish to take is doing some brainstorming and prewriting and coming up with a potential problem solution essay topics list. Think about what you know or are passionate about. Then come up with some topics that you think would interest your readers. Just take a minute to think of your own interests. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

Are You Interested in Video Games or Other Technology?

  • Have you figured out how to jail break your smart phone? Figure out how this solves a problem and write an essay about it!
  • Are your peers continually frustrated at completing a video game level? Write an essay that teaches them how to solve this problem.
  • Write an essay that describes the problem and solution of finding a reliable store for buying and selling used video games.
  • Explain the problem of virus infection and then provide readers with several possible solutions.

Are You Active on Social Media?

  • Describe the problem of bullying on social media and then write about some potential ways to deal with this problem.
  • Many students complain about not meeting the right people. Write an essay on how they can modify their social media presence in order to solve this problem.
  • Chances are your friends are on social media also. What do they think should be problem solution essay topics 2015?

Unfortunately, finding your topic is only the beginning. You still have a ton of work to do! You have to organize your thoughts into notes; you have to narrow down your topics to a final choice; you must decide whether or not you will concentrate on one solution to a problem or several; you must write the obligatory outlines, essay maps, and rough drafts! Then, while you are concentrating on all of this, you must also work, attend your other classes, and maintain your social life. That's a lot of stress. If all of this seems to be too much for you, it is time to visit This professional and reputable online essay writing company is truly your source for paper writing assistance. Even if you have not determined specific problem solution essay topics, you and your writer can discuss options until one is identified.


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