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Evaluation Essay

July 05, 2015 - Posted to Essay Writing Tips

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A Few Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students

The evaluation essay is very similar to a review. In your essay, you will be evaluating or critiquing a subject using certain standards. The standards you use will be dependent upon which evaluation essay topics you select. In some cases, you may create your own standards. For example, if you decide to write your essay in the form of a restaurant review, your standards may be that the server smiles and is friendly, that your water glass is kept full, and that the steak you order is well seasoned and cooked to the temperature you desire. In other cases, you will use standards set by others. For instance, let's assume that you are writing an evaluation of a figure skater's performance. You would probably use official standards to determine whether or not various parts of that performance were technically sound. In any case, it is always proper to inform your reader of the standards that you are using. They need to have this information as a point of reference. If you do not include this information, the reader must assume that what s/eh is reading is simply an opinion. That does not meet the definition of an evaluation essay. Now that the evaluation essay has been explained and defined, let's take a look of suggested evaluation essay topic ideas. 

  • Watch a movie or documentary on a subject related to the course you are taking, and then write a review.
  • Read a biography of a person whose life or work is relevant to your studies. Write a critique of that book.
  • Attend a minor league sporting event. Write an essay evaluating your experience.
  • Attend a sporting event for children. Write an essay evaluating the behavior of the parents and coaches.
  • Watch a movie that was adapted from a book. Write a critique on how accurate the movie version is.
  • Watch episodes of cartoons from the last three decades. Write an essay that evaluates the quality of animation during each decade.
  • View an episode of an educational television show for children. Write a review of the values and lessons that are being taught.
  • Go to two different movie theaters to watch movies. Write a review comparing costs, concessions, friendliness of staff, etc.
  • Write an evaluation comparing a gourmet frozen pizza with a pizza from your favorite pizzeria.
  • Write a review of the newest video game console.
  • Try using several different search engines to look up the same information. Write an evaluation on the reliability of each one.

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