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College Admission Essay

July 16, 2015 - Posted to Essay Writing Tips

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Planning Your College Admission Essay

Before you begin typing your college admission essay, it is important that you take some time to create an organized plan of action. If you approach writing your essay with a well thought out, step by step, process, the care you take will be reflected in your final product. In addition to this, creating a plan and following the steps will make the entire process seem much less overwhelming. You will also be much less likely to make errors. If you are not sure where to begin, read on! We have created a sample plan that you can personalize for yourself when it is time for you to work on your own college admission essays.

Understanding your Audience

The first thing to consider is the people who will be reading your essay. Their job is to select students who will fit in with the community of staff members and other students. So, ask yourself, what do you know about the campus culture? Is it serious and academically focused? Is religion a primary focus? Are students encouraged to develop rich social lives, or to simply concentrate on their studies? Are you entering a program that is artistic and creative, or a program that is more technical in nature? Do as much research as you can about the school to which you are applying. This way, you can know what to focus on in your essay which could be:

  • Community Service
  • Academic Achievement
  • Faith Based Accomplishments
  • Personal Achievements
  • Athletics
  • Dedication to Family
  • More

Selecting your Topic or Essay Question

Your next step should most likely be choosing exactly what it is that you will be writing about. In some cases, you will be able to come up with the topic of your choosing. In other cases, you may be provided with a list of questions. What you will want to do at this point is think of, or select, a topic that will allow you to do two things. First, is to highlight your positive attributes. These would be your accomplishments, your positive character traits, your intelligence, and any other aspect of your personality that paint you in a good light. Second, is to demonstrate that you will fit in well with the current students and staff members, and that you will uphold the beliefs and values of your future school.

Putting Pen to Paper

You aren’t ready to write your admissions essay yet, but you are ready to begin writing. Pre-writing is a very individualized thing, so there is no right wait to do this. However, your next step will be to write an outline or use another writing method to plan the sequence and points of your admission essay. Just like any other essay, you will want to identify what you would like to express and then identify sub points to help support what you are trying to communicate.

Considering Outside Help

You’ve worked hard to make sure that your essay will be clear, and will successfully communicate to your target audience what you would like it to. Just keep in mind that there is a lot at stake. Many students in your position choose to make sure that their essay is as good as it can be by using a writing service such as

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